This I Believe

Michael - Evanston, Wyoming
Entered on February 9, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: birth, family

Today is the celebration of my twins eleventh birthday. This may seem a non event to most, but for my wife and me this birthday was brought to us by the miracle of adoption. The process of a new baby being brought into the world is one of the greatest miracles that most of us experience. There are hundreds of processes that must happen to get to the point that a baby is born. The process of completing an adoption only increases the number of steps that must occur. Every adoption has a story. Our adoption story started with a long history of infertility. The emotional toll experienced trying to conceive when you can not is incompressible to most people. We saw several doctors, my wife under went three surgeries, two rounds of Lupron and infertility medications. The side effect of most of these medications was that she became very irritable. This puts a stress on our relationship and our marriage.

Our third infertility doctors really helped us to decide that adoption was the right choice for us. He had told us that the chances of us conceiving were almost impossible. Shortly after that we decided that adoption was the right option, miracles in our lives starting happening. We were introduced to a young lady that wanted to place her baby for adoption. Though this first experience ended in the birth mother deciding not to place for adoption it was the key that allowed us to adopt the children we now have.

December 26th 1996 we received a call that was the start of the miracle in our lives. A co-worker called to tell me that her niece was having twins and planning on placing them for adoption. The co-worker had told her about us and she wanted to meet us. This began the wonderful and trying adventure we call parenthood. Our birthmother was about 22 weeks along at the time we met her and 5 week later came the birth of our 27 week premature babies. The next 99 days became the most stressful of our lives. The stress of wondering if the babies would “make it,” worries about the adoption papers being signed and stress of communicating with the hospital staff. The second part of our adoption miracle happened on Father’s Day 1997 when the twin’s two older bothers came to be part of our family. We also experienced several miracles to make this happen. By September 1998 all the adoptions were complete. We have experienced all the joys, disappointments and heartaches that come from parenthood. We are now experiencing teenagers and the drive for independence.

I believe the adoption process is a miracle equal to birth itself. It is one of the most unselfish acts that anyone can do. In a day and time that it more expectable to have an abortion or “keep” a baby and raise it as a single parent. Birth mothers who choose the adoption option need to be applauded.