This I Believe

Jefferson - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that laughing is the only way you can truly move on in life. I cannot imagine myself going through one whole day without laughing, without being happy; it is just something I can’t do because when I’m not happy, I get lost and confused and don’t know what to do next. Laughter brings about happiness, and happiness must be encountered everyday in one’s life.

Not a day passes by when I don’t laugh. My dad has always told me to laugh everyday, even when you’re in a tight situation, because there is just something in a laugh that takes away the problems you’re feeling. Laughing lightens the mood and brings about joy to the people around you. I always try to laugh whenever I can because I hate the feeling of mourning and sorrow. That felling is just something that hurts you so much and keeps you from moving forward in life. When I’m depressed, it’s hard for me to concentrate and do the things I enjoy. I can’t do homework and I can’t follow what the teacher is doing. I can’t go to sleep and I can’t have a conversation with anyone. I feel miserable when I’m sad, and so I try my best to laugh as much as I could.

Throughout my life, I’ve seen some people who have never laughed. They might give off a little smile once in a while, but even that was pretty rare. They might be going through a hard time in life or maybe just think that everything in the world’s going wrong – but it isn’t. The people around them might be making fun of them, and they’re taking it too seriously. It might be hard to overcome such mockeries, but unless they laugh, they will have a hard time to get it off their mind. Unless they laugh, they will miss the opportunities laid out ahead of them.

If you take life too seriously, and never have the chance to laugh and enjoy life, you’ll never be able to escape the stress presented to us everyday. Laughing is infectious. So laugh when you’re around someone who needs a good cheering up. Laugh when you’re in a problematic position. Laugh whenever you can, because if you do, then life will flow more smoothly. Live life to the fullest and laugh because laughing has the power to heal and mend every situation.