This I Believe

Andrew - Cullowhee, North Carolina
Entered on February 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: good & evil

As another of my early college nights went by, I came across an interesting discussion with my roommate. It seems like our routine was at the end of the night right as we were lying in our beds and waiting for the tiredness to kick in we would have the deepest discussions of our lives, beliefs, dreams, relationships, and mainly what gets us through the days.

The most recent discussions were about a girl that I liked over the summer.

Though we fell apart romantically because of distance, we still remain good friends. My roommate has issues with this girl, which sparked up a interesting talk.

“Do you know what her problem is?”

It was a typical for him to start off the conversation.

“What’s her problem?” I ask back with an un-enthusiastic tone.

“She’s a person who only sees the light.” He replies.

“I don’t see the problem in seeing the light. I’m a optimist as well.” I reply back, maybe defending her as much as I was letting him know who I was.

“But her problem is she ignores the dark, like if it doesn’t exist, and she needs to understand that the light can not live without the dark, and the dark can not live without the light.”

I was quick to jump on the side of the light. I liked looking at myself as a good person, not one to create havoc and chaos, but one who looked to help when I could. I would help build back up what others attempted to tear down, but rarely did I ever look on the other side of the spectrum.

I think the subliminal goal of optimists is to create a world that we can honestly say, “We have eliminated all the evil and we can finally live in peace”. We all are fighting for the opportunity where there’s nobody trying to tear down, but everybody’s trying to build up. That is what I saw and that’s what I want to accomplish, yet my roommate wanted to fight it out to the end, trying to force his ideas onto me.

But then I sit down and I think about the order of humanity. I sit and I think that what makes life “life”? What gets us through the day? What makes us who we are? The truth that I realized was that I’ve learned a lot of things by conflict. Conflict is essentially the fight between good and bad. There’s no way in life that you can avoid having conflict. In a way, I am a better person because of the evil in the world.

But that does not mean that I support it. I choose to be one of the strong fighters for the good. If evil is a necessity of life, and evil can win a battle, I believe that the light should always win the war, and I will fight on the light side any day of the week for it to triumph. I want to help heal a hurting heart, I want to protect the child from harm, I want to stand beside others who are willing to do the same, and stand against anyone who trys to differ.

I go back to the original talks with my roommate, and I have to agree with his statement, but as an established fighter for the light.