This I Believe

Peter - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe people who give their time for others shouldn’t be treated rudely. Those people wait around corners, usually outside of a Jewel, or actually walk between moving traffic to get some change for a good cause. I always give them whatever I have in my pocket, because it’s hard to stand there, and every bit of change brings them closer to the finish line.

I once waited outside of a Walgreen’s for Key Club, collecting change in a can and handing out peanuts for the Kiwanis. It was very awkward to stand there and practically beg people for some change. Some people were very generous and gave change on the way in and some on the way out, after they had gotten change from their purchases. Some kept me company and we chatted for a while about their similar experiences. One even bought me a Coke.

There were a few people who made the day a bit tedious. They walked right past where I was standing, giving me the cold shoulder, making smug faces. Some lied, quite rudely, too, saying they would give me change on the way out, and then they ducked away while I was distracted by other people. It was out right rude and just plain arrogant. They go through all of this effort just to NOT help people, to not give a few pennies. It was very pitiful. This experience made me never want to be one of those people, ever.

I think that people should donate change to those that donate their time for a cause. Those people collect money because no one else wants to. And when someone goes through so much effort just not to give something, like when I was collecting, it makes them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. It’s not easy, and when I put some change in that person’s can, I’ll make him or her just as happy as the people that will receive my donation.