This I Believe

Makenna - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in music, in the way it captures a persons’ soul with the sounds and words it utilizes. I believe in how it contains emotions that give you the strength to overcome challenges. Music tells adventurous stories and gives relief from everyday anxieties and it inspires people in numerous ways. Without it, the world wouldn’t be the same.

What’s more beautiful than music? I ask myself that question every day and I still have yet to find an answer. I don’t think that answer will ever be found because since the day I heard my first lullaby, I was drawn to music like a little girl to a jar of cookies. The sound of instruments in harmony and a talented voice all put in one makes me want to bow down and thank God for such a wonderful creation.

What’s great about music is that it has so many different sides to it. There’s a music for everyone. Any type of personality will find their niche. The music I listen to varies; alternative all the way to pop. My motto is, “Listen to what you are comfortable with, what you relate to the most. If music is what keeps you going, you need to find the right kind.” When I have had a day from hell, music is what comforts me. It’s my invisible best friend. I run up to my room, grab my ipod, lay on my bed, and press play. From then on, it’s like the world has been paused, and it’s just me and my music. Music helps me with everything; it is my escape from reality. If you need an answer to something that has been bugging you, go through your play list and pick a song. Music is like the automatic clue; you can’t decipher the answer until you take a deep breath, relax, and listen.

One day I will become a musician for the ability to share my personal views and words to inspire people. I would love to know that I am helping others in the world today with my words. To me, every song has a message. Between the lyrics and the voice, you will find something unique that the singer has brought to the song.

When I went to see the broad way play, Jersey Boys, this little old man sat directly in front of me. Every time a song came on, his wrinkled face turned into a smile. You could see the memories reflecting out of his eyes. It made me think about the years to come and how music will have a role in my life. I looked over again to see that he was crying. A happy cry, tears gently pending, not afraid to let them roll down his rosy cheeks. It was then I realized that as you grow older and your memories pass you by, music is there every step of the way. Not once in my life had I seen such an impact music had on someone else. Now I know for sure, music can do incredible things.