This I Believe

Catherine - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on February 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Black, White, and Equal All Over

Throughout my short seventeen years on this Earth, I have noticed one thing: equality is a pathetic joke to most people. True, our country was founded on the promise of equality before the law, but who honestly believes that our country follows that belief? And who honestly believes that the world even thinks about equality?

Inequality is everywhere, and it’s not just in big places where the rich meets the poor. Walking down the school hallways, driving through downtown Columbia, and shopping around in the mall are perfect examples of an equal state that we just never reach. It saddens me to look around at my fellow students and almost be able to read their minds when they look at someone who is of a different race, economic background, or circle of friends. They size that person up to themselves and assure themselves that they might be richer, or more popular, or “better” than them. In classes, the competition for class rank and grade point averages reaches such a critical point that students are literally having verbal battles across the classroom, trying to dual each other with insults. What exactly does this verbal assault prove? Besides proving that students are insecure of themselves, it also proves that students will fight for the inequality and make themselves better than their fellow peers.

I truly believe that equality is a simple and attainable goal, given that there must be some work done and some effort put forth to attain this goal. Simply realizing that we are all creations of God (or whatever one believes in) and that God loves us for who we are could be one giant step towards equality. Realizing that no one is better than someone else, regardless of social status, popularity, or belief could help with the problem of inequality in our world today. There is no guarantee of equality, and our generation and future generations might never see any sign of this state. Thinking positively about the prospect of equality would better our chances for hope.