This I Believe

esther - moore, Oklahoma
Entered on February 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I was born in the church. I am from a christian background, and my father is a minister.

My father is a minister, is the one sentence that defines who i am, according to others anyway.

When i said, my father is a minister, it defines me. People treat me differently when they recieve this little fact of me. One minute i am just Esther Chong, a classmate, a friend, etc.., but then…I am Esther Chong the daughter of a minister. Then there is “Oh yea, she’s my friend.”

Being a minister’s daughter can be seen as the president’s daughter. I have lived life with little privacy and freedom. Living under a microscope, being judged by the way i dress, walk, talk, and even how my weight fluctuates at times.

From an early age, i attended church because it was a part of life and daily routine. It was a requirement i went just as if i were to go to school. i attended church to meet friends. However, do not get me wrong, i learned a thing or two every week.

Like any other children, i was fascinated with the biblical stories of the man noah, who saved his family from a flood, and the great hero moses, who saved his people from Egypt.

The elders of the church adored me and every sunday morning i was given candy from their purses if i had memorized a verse from the bible as if i was one of Pavlov’s pups.

As i grew older i learned that church was not what it had seemed as when i was younger. As i learned to form my own thoughts and opinions i saw church in a very different light.

Sometimes church seemed like a government with no democracy, at times it was truly the place of God’s home. But yes, i would have to say…seeing and hearing the things i have in my young life, has somewhat had an effect on me to stray away from my beliefs.

Today, i am a college student. I am not into partying nor do I think of committing any foul crime. I live life to the fullest and live a very busy life. I do not take anything for granted for I know and feel that everything that comes my way is only a blessing from up above.

People are right. I am who I am. I am the daughter of a minister. I am my father’s daughter. I am a christian.