This I Believe

Taylor - OKC, Oklahoma
Entered on February 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The belief that there is some form of life after a person’s body dies or the next stage of progression, existence, and growth for a disembodied soul after death is the meaning of afterlife. Although only some do believe in this, I do think that afterlife is a possibility once we go through death. I know many will testify that they are Christians so they do not believe in this process, but I still consider myself a Christian I just also believe that after heaven there can be another life lived if one chooses. Nobody really knows what death is like or what happens to us after death yet we all have some theory; so, who is to say that yours or mine idea is wrong? I think it’s the experiences and morals each individual learns and goes through themselves to make up this assumption.

For me, I grew up practicing the Christian faith of Lutheranism and Baptist, took some time off for 5 years, and now I am back to learning the word of God but in a non-denominational church. I think the non-denominational church really entitles someone to just learn the bible and not anything else but the bible, which to me really lets a person think outside of the box and try to see what more there is to life. I do believe there is a heaven and hell still. I think everyone inspires their own perspectives of what “heaven” and “hell” really looks like and what happens there, because no one person can be one-hundred percent sure; well, unless they are part of those very few super naturals that some people like to call themselves and I like to just ignore. To me, the process of death might go something like this: we die, then depending on whether we have lived a good moral life we will go to heaven, but if we haven’t then I think we could go to this place called “hell.” I do not think heaven is this place among the clouds and angels flying around. I think heaven is someone’s ideal world and fantasy, where everything you have ever wanted to make your life happy and dreamlike will come true because you have earned it and God is a rewarding person. Then, I think someone, maybe not God, but someone special to God gives you this opportunity if you so do choose to go back and live another life. Those of us who really appreciate the journey of life could only really understand that to be given another life would be another great adventure in life to lead, even if it is a journey of a butterfly. On the other side of things, there is a place that we call hell and when that special someone or God himself decides that you did not live your life to his standards and morals then you are condemned to there. Sometimes I wonder though if he gives the condemned people an afterlife too, to give them one more chance at the ever-lasting glory of heaven or a better afterlife. But if they don’t receive the choice of afterlife too then I think they go to place that is full of people that look like death; people that are mastered to work the rest of eternity in some eternal flame where happiness can’t be achieved.