This I Believe

Jack - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Entered on February 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Jack P

I Believe Essay


I Believe

My parents have been huge in my growing up, like most other kids, and they were always there for me to look over and they could support me. I had always depended on that, having them there to make that decision for me, but not its time to take a little power for myself. My parents got me started; now it’s up to me to do what I will with it.. I have taken advantage of everything they gave me, and they now have nothing new to give me but assurance. I’ll still love them for everything they have given me and will forever respect them for helping me, but I need to also realize that they are no longer the crutch that I lean on. I need to stand up and make my own decisions; my parents are not always going to be there for me.

This weekend my parents were out for the weekend and my grandmother was staying at the house with me and my sister. I was supposed to be doing a lot of extra homework and not any computers. It was up to me to do what I knew was right. On one hand I had a open weekend were I could just do my homework and not all the extra credit, and on the other hand I could buckle down and use up my entire weekend, but know that I did the right thing. Well being a fourteen year old I found it really hard to work on all the extra homework. But I knew in the end I would be rewarded, it would be worth it. My parents came home and when they asked if I had finished all my homework and I was able to say yes, unlike in the past, they just smiled. That smile was enough for me, to know that I had made them happy and that they were starting to realized like I had that I could make decisions for myself.

I know that I’m the next generation, I know that without me and all the kids I’m growing up with this world is done for. Though I’m still young and I still have education to go through and things to learn and experience I have to start being myself. The earlier I start to take control of my life the better of I will be. However, I will never cut off my bonds with my family and friends and become totally independent, that would be foolish and cruel. I just need to realize that my parents are going to have less and less influence on my life the further I get into it. I love my parents and all those that are, and have, influenced me because they have molded who I am and I’m quiet happy with how I turned out.