This I Believe

Christine - 73072, Oklahoma
Entered on February 7, 2008
Age Group: 65+

Death, it terrifies some and tempts others. Suicide, one of the leading causes of death fills the minds of many people. All ages, sexes, races, and ethnicities. I had always heard of people’s grandparents passing away, I even had to put a dog to sleep once. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to deal with losing someone I knew and cared for. Unfortunately, I have experienced the after affects of three different suicides. One of the three hit me harder than anything in my life ever has.

I was fifteen years old, innocently asleep in my bed. It was barely two in the morning on Saturday October 2nd, 2004 when I received a phone call from my best friend. Natalia Nakamura broke the news to me that our best friend had committed suicide. Her name was Jodie Marie Wild, she had more friends than anyone could ever imagine. She only lived for a short fifteen years and five months. Beauty, brains, family, friends, and support are what Jodie had the most.

Jodie’s death left everyone in a heavy state of devastation. I swore it was going to be impossible to pick up the pieces and move on with my life. While I still think about Jodie every day, I have learned so much from her. Taking your life is the worst way to solve a problem. Suicide is a quick yet permanent fix to your problems. Little do the suicide victims know they are affecting everyone else around them too. Losing a loved one has taught me to love my life and never regret anything. In addition, I have become more appreciative of my friends. Living life to the fullest is the only way to live your life. Live without regrets. I have learned that taking your life never successfully solves your problems. No matter what you think, people care for you and the commitment of suicide will devastate them.

Only the good die young. This is a new saying that I have learned to live by. In my opinion, this does not mean that all good people die young. This means that everything happens for a reason. God removed Jodie from this world and placed her with himself for a reason. While none of us know exactly what his reasoning is, I know that he had a reason for such a good girl to die so young. Jodie had a short life filled with many accomplishments. When I pass, I hope to have a fully accomplished life, as did she.