This I Believe

Steven - Spring, Texas
Entered on February 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

This I Believe

On an everyday basis I know through and through that I can feel the continuing presence of my God. Don’t let that turn you away. I’m not here to spout about creation vs. big bang or Evolution vs. Intelligent design. Those are all trivial in my mind. It’s not about the miracles I’ve seen or experiences I’ve had that form my beliefs. My beliefs come from years of communion with God and crucial thinking on who and what God is.

I am currently studying to be an engineer. So yes I “believe” in science and math and all that jazz. Also, I like to look at things in a logical and sequential order. Through my experiences, I have determined that understanding God is, for the most part, a three step process.

First of all, for me, God embodies certain ideals that we all hold dear as basic morality. God is Love. Self-sacrifice. Integrity. Humility. Eternity. God is a certain set of these ideals (and others) and he is always so. He never changes. The first step is understanding that all his actions and creations were designed with these purposes in mind.

The second step is the next in the logical order. It is to understand that not only does God embody these ideals; he is the greatest example of every one of these that we will ever understand. He is the greatest Love in that he created us. He is the greatest Self-sacrifice in that he died to save everyone who embraces it. He is always true and always humble. He is never changing and here at the beginning and the end of all we know.

Last of all to understand is that God is the greatest example of all of these in their complete absence around us. God is love in a world of hatred and war. He is self sacrificing in a world of self fulfillment. He is Integrity in a world that loves gossip and lies. He is Humility in a world of arrogance. He is eternity in a world where everything we know will pass away and turn into dust.

I feel it best to conclude with song lyrics as music is the language of the soul. These come from Five Iron Frenzy, a Christian ska band.

“In the soundless, all in wonder, words fall short to Hope again, how beautiful, how vast your love is, new forever, world without an end.”