Music to Sooth the Soul

David - norman, Oklahoma
Entered on February 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Some of my best memories of my father had to do with his love for music. I think this is where I get my passion for music. See, my father died when I was a freshman in high school, and before that he was only living with us until I was nine, then he got sick and had to move away. I was young when that happened so sometimes its hard to remember a lot of specific events from the time before he moved away. I just remember that my father loved him some music. I never really saw any underlining meaning of this until recently, until I started to see what I think it is he saw in the music that he knew and fell in love with.

With music, you can deliver any message you want, anything you could ever imagine. With internet today, you can make your message or your music available to the whole world in a number of different ways. Millions of people have partaken in the art of writing music and lyrics, only a small handful, though, have gotten good at it. There is such a diverse world of music out there that there is no way that one could not be able to find something that they enjoy. I have learned so much from some of my favorite songwriters. If they are really good, they can make you actually feel their experiences or you might be able to relate your own personal experiences to their words. I have a library full of different material that I sort through and listen to every day, for whatever mood i’m in, or for any emotion I may be experiencing at that certain time. I’m not sure where or who I would be today if I hadn’t been influenced in the way that I have by certain musicians. Either lyrically or musically, it makes no difference to me. I have been so intrigued throughout my experience with it that early on in high school I decided to try my hand in it. I have been somewhat successful in my writings too. I have written several songs of my own. Each one of them mean something greatly to me and I plan on adding many more to the collection. Who knows if once I put them out there if they will have the same effect on even one person, that some stuff has had on me. I truly believe that music is gift from God. I mean, think of the world without music…