This I Believe

MaryBeth - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I look at my generation many words come to mind. Internet, rap music, lazy, and self-absorbed are words that I think of. A word that so rarely describes it would be religious or spiritual. It seems that we are pursuing so many things that faith just falls to the back. When you see someone who is living out their faith it is bizarre and that person is singled out because they are not being the self-absorbed person everyone expects them to be. This is what happened to me when I was 17 years old. I lived my life out comfortably as the non-practicing Christian. I would go to church on Sunday and listen to the Word of God, but on Saturday nights live my life opposite of what I learned. When people asked me if I was a Christian I would say yes because I went through all of the religious actions.

Religion, I thought, was my connection to God. I would sing the songs and say the prayers thinking I was connection with him. It wasn’t until I spent a month volunteering at a youth camp that I saw what a genuine walk with Christ was. The people that I worked with had a faith that was real, it wasn’t religious at all. When they sang the songs, they meant it; and when they read the Bible, they applied it to their lives. They were the same person on Saturday night as they were on Sunday morning and that intrigued me. I wanted that life. It had more meaning than the lazy, self-absorbed life I had been living.

When I left camp I was eager to start living out my new life. However, when I returned to people that I surrounded myself with when I lived my old life, they expected the same old person. My generation didn’t like it that I wasn’t same narcissistic person that left them. I believe because of the traits that this generations possesses it is both crucial and difficult for Christians to live their faith out. A genuine Christian lifestyle should not be so unusual and rejected. It is a life lived serving and loving others. In a country that says “Me first”, service is not something that is embraced. Maybe if I live my life like Christ I could be an example and start looking to help the people outside of the American Starbucks drinking Hummer driving world.