This I Believe

Chelsea - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Your body is a gift

I believe in being chaste. I believe in pro-life. I believe in respecting yourself and others. Your body was given to you as a gift, the most wonderful gift of all. You can choose whether to appreciate that gift, or to abuse it. You may be wondering why I did not choose the word abstinence. Abstinence tells you what you can not do. Chastity, although the same thing, is the complete opposite. Chastity tell you what you are able to do, the positive association of the meaning abstinence.

The less complex meaning of the word chastity, is not engaging in sexual acts until you are married. In other words premarital sex. However, this doesn’t mean that because you are married you have the opportunity engage in these acts. Like the seventh commandment states, “thou shalt not commit adultery.” In other words the bible tells you not to cheat on your spouse. Your body is a gift. One way some teens show keep a promise to themselves to stay chaste is a chastity ring. A chastity ring is a ring that you were to show you have stayed chaste.

When someone is not chaste and it just leads to more issues. There are many side effects to falling into premarital sex. To state the obvious, you could get pregnant. Many people think that pregnancy isn’t a big deal. They may tell themselves thing like, It’s ok I probably won’t get pregnant, or I’ll be ok if I use a condom, and the worst I can just get an abortion. Now let me ask you, is this what you call taking care of the gift, you call your body?

Not only do I believe in chastity, but branching off that subject I believe in pro-life. Which means I do not support abortion. I believe babies should live. If you choose to have sex before you are married then you need to learn to suffer your consequences, because you do not know how to respect your gift. By having an abortion you are taking the life of a child, when in reality it was your own fault.

Chastity isn’t something that I believe in just because I was told to. I am a strong believer because I respect myself and I have morals. If you aren’t chaste you couldn’t say that you truly respect yourself, because to respect yourself is to respect your body. Your body is a gift, so don’t disrespect it.