This I Believe

Joey - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Joey F



“This I Believe” Final Draft

I Believe In Practice.

Practice can be something that is either dreaded or loved; practice isn’t the type of thing you “sort of like”. Personally, practice is my favorite aspect of my favorite sport, basketball. Practice makes you realize your mistakes, and it also helps you correct them through repetition.

Practice is also the only thing that can only help you and never hurt you. You can never get worse at basketball by practicing, but you can get worse because of lack of practice. As the old adage goes, “practice makes perfect”, and that makes perfect sense.

If you practice something you love long enough, and this doesn’t just have to be a sport, you can become the greatest of all time. Just take my roll model, Michael Jordan. He was always the first one in to practice and the last one out. He would just go practice for the fun of it by himself. I wish I had the time to do all of that, but I practice as much as I can so I can possibly make it to that skill level in the future.

Practice makes you more aware of your surroundings and how to use them to your advantage. If you have Shaq on your team, would you run an offense that has him as the focal point, or would you just jack up threes? You’d make Shaq the center of attention on your offense because he is not only bigger than the competition, but also more skilled. Learning how to run this type of offense and how to run it well can only come from practice. If you want any success at all, you simply need to practice.

Personally, I don’t understand why or even how you can “not like” practice. You are putting in the hours in the gym or the weight room or running stairs to better yourself. Not others, YOURSELF. You’re always looking for the edge over the competition, right? Guess what, I just found the 100% legal, no needles included way to do that: practice. When you better yourself, you better your entire team because they benefit from your skill as well.

I think of practice as more of a privilege because there’s not the pressure of being in a game situation, and you are also preparing yourself for when that game situation finally comes about. Look at practice as a steppingstone to greatness, and if you don’t believe me, ask any professional NBA player who has ever played the game. They will tell you right away: “practice”. So, if you do practice, you can, in fact “be like Mike”, and, come on, who doesn’t?