This I Believe

Christina - houston, Texas
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe In Giving Flowers

I believe in giving people flowers. I have sometimes found it hard to express my feelings to people through words. So giving flowers has been an outlet to express certain emotions I feel for different people on different occasions. When I am sent flowers, I feel so thankful. To me, flowers represent an emotion that someone is trying to say that they cannot quite express through words.

On Valentine’s Day, people give many different kinds of gifts. Common gifts are chocolate, a cute teddy bear, the occasional love note, and then there’s flowers-the simple yet elegant gift. I believe in giving people flowers because I have received flowers and it is amazing how much happiness it can bring me. My sister tells me that flowers are just a plant that takes up too much room, needs to be watered, and will eventually need to be thrown out in two weeks. She calls me idealistic and maybe I am, but I think of flowers from a different point of view- the thought behind them.

When giving someone a flower of a certain color it can mean different things. Giving someone a red flower could be showing passion. Giving someone a yellow flower could be for friendship. Giving someone a white flower could stand for purity. Or, just give someone their favorite color of flower to make them happy!

When giving someone a certain type of flower, it can also mean different things. Roses are commonly used to show love. A sunflower represents sunshine and pride. However, a geranium means stupidity, so I would not recommend giving that to someone!

What does it mean when I give someone flowers? When I love someone, I can give flowers to show them how much I care. When someone accomplishes something great, I can give flowers to congratulate them. When someone has done something nice for me, I can give flowers to thank them.

As great as flowers are, the cost of flowers is not cheap. But there are ways to prevent a hole from being burned in your pocket. If I wanted to give someone flowers without the big price tag, I would hand pick them. Of course I would not pick flowers from other people’s gardens but I would look for places like parks or open fields to find wild flowers.

Flowers are a symbol of a special feeling you have for someone. They can symbolize friendship, love, sorrow, happiness, or gratitude. I do not feel that flowers just take up too much space, need to be watered, and will need to be thrown out in two weeks.

So, whether it is a bouquet of flowers, or a single rose, I believe in giving people flowers.