This I Believe

Ashley Thompson - Beavercreek, Ohio
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: disability

I believe in the power of love. People say that if you love someone enough, then you can create a miracle for them. My brother Bruce is five years old and suffers from a disability that more and more people over the world are being born with, Autism.

Autism is a spectrum disease which means it affects everyone differently. I believe that I helped create his miracle. With my brother’s autism it affected his speech and communication skills. With his communication skills not being age appropriate it affected the relationship he had with others. My brother could not talk in sentences until he was the age of four . He was not potty trained until he was five. When people read this they will pull out the negative in it. I will do the opposite but the truth is a lot of people, people close to us, make fun of mentally retarded people or people with a learning disability. And I just want to say that I have never had more fun with a group of kids then ones with the same or different disabilities. Bruce has to visit a speech therapist every week and I cannot stress how proud I am of him. He has excelled his age group. And it has actually inspired me to become a speech therapist as my career.

Autism makes people strong in some areas and weak in others. My brother who turned five on July 3rd can read a book and spell extensive words for his age. Imagine seeing a little boy, who is not even in kindergarten, read a book with at least three sentences on each page.

Autism is not a disability that can be avoided. It has been decided that the disease comes from genetics through ancestry of having it, high levels of Mercury, and radioactive chemicals in the air.

Now I would like to know how any decent human being can sit there and make fun of something they know nothing about and something that no one can help. I believe this sad but true event happens because people do not understand that no person is alike. They all have different ups and downs of a personality, and we all have quirks. Some people just don’t accept them and that is their problem not ours. If everyone in the world just had a little love for each other this thing would not be a public issue. I can guarantee that my brother will be one of the most intelligent people in his classes and will go far. He may have a little trouble with sharing and listening but will win the love of everyone’s heart. I encourage each and every one of you who gets offended by what comes out of someone’s mouth to stand up and fight for what you feel.