This I Believe

Peter - Concord, Massachusetts
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Perfection the Unattainable

I believe perfection is impossible to grasp. Perfection baits you but then it suddenly slips away. The quest for perfection brings the best and worst out of everyone. Would it be great if you were perfect, you never messed up? I don’t think so. Life is about making mistakes and building character, it’s not about who can become more perfect. Perfection is unattainable and should never be captured. If by some means perfection were obtained then we would lose all room for failure. Everyone would be expected to be perfect all the time; our society would become a utopia, right. Wrong, what about all the brilliant minds that were not “perfect.” If someone ever reaches perfection it will begin the downward spiral of our society.

Perfection slipped from their hand like a slimy snake. The New England Patriots came so close to perfection, they were 18-0. Then it all fell apart like a rickety ship, they lost to the underdog of all underdogs. The game was slow, both defenses seemed to be in control. It was going to be a battle whoi had more heart, more soul. The Patriots aren’t known to give up, but what I saw was the offensive line letting the Giants defense control the game. What if the Patriots had been perfect, wouldn’t the bar for coming teams be set much higher? Yes, absolutely yes, the closer we get to perfection the smaller the acceptance of failure becomes. One wrong move and you become an outcast of society. I thought life was about learning from your mistakes, becoming a better person.

Perfection is something worth fighting for, but should never be achieved. If someone achieves perfection, whether it’s building the perfect car, building the perfect house, or whatever. It will set the bar so high that everything else will be left behind. Those who arenthink outside the box, and try to come up with new ideas will be rejected. Our society will go into a stand still. No one will be able to think for them selves, because everything will become manufactured by robots. Our minds will be filled with only perfection and nothing else. I believe that if someone were ever able to seize perfection, it would be the last free thought of our lifetime. What do you think?