This I Believe

Megan - Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: tolerance

I believe in tolerance of the many differences that shape society and the world today. Ever since I was little, I was taught by my family that I was not better or worse than anyone else. I was on an equal playing field with everyone around me. I try my best to give everyone a chance, and I avoid “judging a book by its cover.” When I first meet people, I look for their good qualities despite the differences that we might have. The current world has become so unaccepting of others without even giving them a chance. For example, I know several people who choose to lead the gay lifestyle. I have known many of these people before they “came out,” and my opinion of them did not change. I believe that a person’s sexual orientation does not make them a good or bad person; it’s the deeper, inner qualities that shine through. Even when I found out that people were gay upfront before meeting them, I never let that sway my impression of them. I truly think that people should not be judged on anything to do with race, education, or sexual preferences. I feel that people should merely be judged on their personality and character. Every person has a right to live a life full of freedom and choice without being punished or discriminated against. The world is full of different people, and these differences should be embraced by all.