This I Believe

Marissa - Lisle, Illinois
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Save the Pets

Do you love your pet? I know I do. What if they’re dying, would you want to save their lives? Yes everyone would give their lives to save a loved one or pet, but what about the ones who are helpless? What can we do? The answer to that is up to you to solve, it’s your choice.

I believe that saving the pets your love is important. Whether you do or don’t have a pet, you can still save the lives of a thousand animals that are helpless and need caring. Everyday dogs, cats, and other pets are thrown out on the street; now helpless, needs caring, and a place to call home. Everyday hundreds or even thousands are killed. It’s like child abuse, but much, much worse.

My family just adopted a 4 month kitten and saved her life. It really touched me seeing all the animals, big and small scared in the pound, just waiting to be loved and adopted. What hit me the most, right in the gut, was that if you took a kitten or puppy to the pound, you would have to pay 20 dollars for them to be put in the pound. Then the owners get so cranky and upset, that they walk out speechless and probably throw them out behind a dumpster, or even worse, who knows. The owners of the pound told me a story once. It was the most horrible story I have ever heard!! They told me that one day a man comes in with four kittens, had to pay 20 dollars, walked out all disgusted, threw each kitten at the outside wall, three died, all but one, and gave that kitten a crooked neck. The worst abuse ever used on pets.

Now who knows what horrible people are doing to God’s beautiful creation, killing them into tiny little bite size pieces, and into the garbage can, ruined and confiscated forever. You can help these animals maybe by volunteering the animal society, at a pet store, or even help at the pound. By doing any of these or some of your own ideas, you can help care for the animal population by a long shot.

You know how people say;” a dog is man’s best friend?” Yes it is true, but women can also have relationships with dogs to. Maybe some of your friends that are boys like cats, that’s ok too. Doesn’t matter if you’re a dog, cat, or even a bird person. Just be the person that you want to be and save the animals you love, or even better, SAVE THE WORLD – with one pet at a time!!! Now that’s what I believe :)