This I Believe

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Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have a belief system that is likely very different than the majority of those to care to consider theological entities. The foundation of my beliefs is the culmination of what I have learned and considered about cultures from all over the world. This world has thousands of different perspectives stemming from hundreds of different kinds of people. But the fact that people collectively have faith in that which is not tangible in my opinion proves that the supernatural exists. It explains why though many customs are radically opposite, there are many of the same ideals that all cultures embrace.

The biggest problem with religion is not God but man. If the different languages can give God different names, then why can’t religion? For the Jews it is Jehovah. For the Muslim it is Allah. In Spanish they refer to God as Dios. Even Hinduism, which has polytheism as one of its core attributes has the supreme God Krishna while the other gods associated with this religion are really just deities. These deities are something that I believe to exist in conjunction with the Christian God. What people don’t understand is that these deities are but the many forms of God. Unfortunately, the ignorance of man usually plays a key role in the inability to see from a different perspective. This has, on many occasions, escalated into “Holy Wars” which I believe to be the most blasphemous, backwards way for zealous believers to follow Gods will.

“Be still and know that I am God.” This quote taken from Psalm 46:10 in The Bible is the most basic statement for all religion. What this statement asserts is that it is futile for a mortal to speculate on the supernatural. Nobody has any clue what God looks like, his size, or if he has an appearance at all. People try to speculate how God allows such terrible sins of man to take place while forgetting that we have been given free will. Miracles are defined (in the Christian sense) as the intervention of God to make the impossible possible for the good of man. These two opposites seemingly cannot coexist. But the aforementioned quote suffices to explain that it is best not to get caught up in ones ideas of what God is.

The use of science in our modern world full of technology is being implemented to try to disprove the existence of God. This is borderline moronic. This world that we live in is very much alive. Homeostasis and animation are unbelievably complex and could not have possibly come to be by coincidence. It is not just by chance that we need oxygen and water and we have it. The belief that a benevolent, supreme being exists should be reinforced as we begin to understand the complexity associated with existence of sentient beings.