This I Believe

Michelle - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

Over the past several months, I have come to believe in the absolute necessity of faith. Since birth, I have been completely surrounded by a strong, unwavering faith in Jesus. My entire family is dedicated and passionate about their faith; and it directs their every steps. Throughout my childhood and my early teenage years, I had also adopted this faith. But I was simply feeding off of my parents’ beliefs, and as I grew older, I realized this faith was not my own. My beliefs were just a clone of my parents’ beliefs.

Instead of beginning a search for my own faith, I began to pull away from anything religious. Towards the end of high school, I had completely rejected all of my parents’ beliefs. And not only did I discard their beliefs, but I began to find all faith and religion as unnecessary and frivolous. I saw it as a sign of weakness to have a need for a Savior or a god of any kind. I was an atheist, and Christianity, as well as all other religions and faiths, were silly.

Only recently have I begun to realize that I was the silly one. After a year without faith, I began to notice the emptiness of my life. I began asking the basic question, what am I here for? As time went on, and this question was left unanswered, I felt there was no point for my life. Without faith, I found no answers to my questions. I had no moral guidelines or boundaries; right and wrong were only relative. And I found myself needing something to believe in.

I have only recently come to see that faith is an absolute necessity. While I still do not accept all of my parents’ beliefs, or all the ideals of Christianity, I believe in a loving God who cares for His creation. Knowing there is something greater at work in this world is a comfort and an encouragement. Whether it is a faith in Jesus, or Allah, or an unnamed supreme being, I believe it is a vital part of human nature to have faith in something greater than our own selves. Faith gives us strength when we are feeling helpless. It guides it through our everyday lives. It gives us a reason to live.