Two Sides of One Coin

Chad - 26093, South Carolina
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in honor.

Since I was a small child my father always drilled honor and respect to friends and family loyal to you. The worst thing I could do as a person was to disrespect or dishonor my family, myself, my heritage, or my country.

I remember when my father and step father where shipped off to Iraq within six months of one another. It was the Veteran’s Day assembly and I was one of the people supposed to stand up for my father and step father when the principal announced their names. I was honored to be able to do this for them, give them visual recognition even though they were thousands of miles away. I also remember how one person was wearing an anti war shirt, one of the “Goth” kids. He saw my name on my ID and asked, “How does it feel to be the son of two oil soldiers?” What could I say? As a respectful person I kept my mouth shut and walked past, knowing that he had the right to say that because of people like my father and step father.

When I didn’t say anything I felt like I had disrespected both of them deeply. Even though they both would have understood it was some insignificant kid, I felt that I had to do something about this disrespectful comment. The next day I saw him by the lockers with his friends and I pushed him into them and got two inches from his face. I said some rude and unneeded things, but after I felt I said all I needed to say I left.

It wasn’t until two days ago that I read an essay about how revenge in this world is one of the most disrespectful and hateful things a soul can do, second to only murder in this person’s idea. After reading this I flashed back onto what I had done, and I felt somewhat bad about it. The idea still red hot in my mind I prayed and asked for God to forgive me. I don’t know if God has forgiven me, or if he has. I hope that God will forgive me, for I will truly try to not do that again. There are certain people that I just can’t apply my belief in honor to. It’s hard for some people to understand what I will say in the end of this paragraph, one would have to be put in my shoes with my life. For people like this one rude kid, I believe in vengeance.