This I Believe

Shalanda - Saint Louis, Missouri
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Be Nice to the Geek in the Back Left Corner

I thought getting a job at Target would be the best part of my summer, meeting new people, earning my own money, and spending more time away from my brothers. I was so nervous at the interview; I thought I wouldn’t get the job. That same night Jeff, the store manager, called me to let me know I got the job. I was so excited to start the following Monday.

After working there for about six weeks, I thought Jeff thought I was a good employee; I worked extra shifts when other employees called in sick, I showed up at least twenty minutes early for my shift, and costumers never complained to him about me. One day my mom showed up about twenty minutes early to pick me up, so she decided to look around the store until my shift ended. I later found out that my mom knew Jeff in middle and high school and how in every class he always sat in the back left corner, a total geek.

Knowing how kind my mother is, I believed she was kind to Jeff and thought I was a shoe in for a promotion. The next day Jeff told me that David, the store’s custodian, would not be coming to work today and wanted me to clean the employee bathroom. When I heard this I was shocked, Jeff never had me clean the bathrooms before, and the employee bathroom was DISGUSTING. No one had cleaned the bathroom for years, there was rust and mold around the toilet, and it smelled of old fish. I could not believe this was happening at my dream summer job, but I told my self that if I wanted to keep this dream job, I better do what he says. After I cleaned the employee bathroom, I took the cleaning supplies back to the custodial closet. When I got there, David was taking out the mop. I stood there with my mouth wide open just staring at David and he asked me why I looked so shocked. I told him that Jeff told me that he wasn’t coming to work today and wanted me to clean the employee bathroom. David stood there with a confused face and said he called Jeff and told him that he would be late to work, not coming at all. I just stood there wondering why Jeff would tell me that David wasn’t coming in to work, but I just concluded that it was a misunderstanding.

Towards the end of my shift, Jeff called me into his office and I knew this was bad. All I could think about was what I could have done wrong. Jeff let out a huge sigh and said that he felt my working experience at Target had ended. I asked him why and he said that it just wasn’t working.

When my mom came to pick me up I told her what happened. My mom called Jeff to find out the real reason I was fired. Jeff just an gave evil giggle and told my mom she should start treating people with more respect and be nice to the geek in the back left corner, because you never know what he may grow up to become and hang up the phone.

I couldn’t t believe my mom was such a bully in high school and how after twenty years, Jeff still couldn’t forgive her. But as I started to look more from Jeff’s point of view and I realized that he had a point. No one deserves to be bullied because of how they talk, look, or act. And this I believe.