This I Believe

Taylor - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Am Woman—Hear Me Roar

I believe that women have a natural desire to be independent. Even from the start of time, a woman has been seen taking actions into her own hands or standing alone. In the Bible, one may blame Adam for not being in control or exerting enough of his authority on Eve as to why she ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. But indeed, the woman did eat. Yes, she was tricked into eating the fruit, but it was all in her choice. It was Eve’s choice of standing alone and not consulting with her mate that created her action of independence. She made her own personal choice to do what she did. Her preference was to embrace her natural instinct to be independent.

Nonetheless, there are those particular cases where women have become a commodity in their relationships, unwilling to be self-supportive, depending on their significant other or family to get by in life. Those women have chosen to fight that eagerness to be independent. My mother has always expressed being independent. Even after marrying, she chose to do things she wanted to do. My father didn’t seem like he was complaining about it either. She embraced her eagerness to go out with her friends, work, raise her kids, and still maintain a strong and feminine independent role. This can be easily confused with someone who is awesome at multi-tasking, but independence goes a little further than that. It expresses someone being able to rely on themself and convey that unique self-confidence. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book, The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne reiterates his main character, Hester, making many independent decisions. Many occurrences of having the option to become reliant on other people were thrown at her, but she held her ground. It was her personal decision to carry the burden of her child alone, and not even share the blame with her “crime-partner.” It was also her decision to not give up her child, and attempt to have a steady life while feeding and clothing her child and herself.

Facing adversity, women have exercised their independence into society itself and have left their mark. They have become successful in their eagerness to be independent. Women fought strongly for their right to vote, and were granted that liberty and that feeling of independence. Women have also fought the most despised of stereotypes. As women were found to be part of the working-class, they were no longer anticipated to not only be married, but also to only be in the kitchen and the bedroom, or even just a pretty face to help host parties. Women have stepped up their independence and have chosen to embrace their unique desire to become that self-sufficient and independent person.