This I Believe

Ateen - houston, Texas
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

A Common Love for All Things Weird and Wonderful

With one look at the news, it is obvious that there is much hate in this world we call home. We observe hate every day: nation turning against nation, family against family. Human beings are endangered in the name of pride, power, and money. The value of a life is next to nothing, and evil thoughts and actions are all too common. Every pair of eyes on Earth has seen evil. So what makes all these terrible things bearable, or rather, what makes life bearable? The one thing that counteracts hate: love. This I believe.

Love is what makes our lives worth living. With approximately 6.6 billion people on this planet, love is a significant part of our identity as human beings. Love is the incredible feeling that rises past fondness by a thousand miles and conquers and controls our minds and bodies. Love is the one thing that gives us hope for tomorrow. As a race, we have come far and developed past our expectations, but all our accomplishments mean nothing without love. Honestly, what is anything without love? Love is used in vain far too often. Even so, true love cannot be denied because when you love, it is a part of you. It is a part of your identity. Even though it is not and never will be possible to have complete peace in this world of ours, love gives us the hope to carry on.

Love is something I share with my family and friends. Love has brought me into this world, and with time I have built unbreakable bonds with the people I care for. I love Kirstin. We started at the playground and through late nights, sugar crises, loveless valentine’s days, seagull laughs, comfort in ice cream, tissue dancing, excessive spending, concerts, zombie movies, ghost paper towels, “Law and Order: SVU”, foreign flicks, Elliott Smith, weekly adventures, crazy birthdays, and a common love for all things weird and wonderful we became inseparable and the best of friends.

Love is what forces you to show respect. Through my 14 years of living, I have found the basis of what is needed to win one’s affection. My family has shown me love, and in return I have shown respect to my family. This respect helps keep my family and I connected.

Love is not what you see in the movies or what you read in the books. Love is a bond that strengthens infinitely with time. Love is fact. Love is truth. Love is real.