This I Believe

Elaine - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

My grandparents will come

I believe that my grandparents will come. Last year, I was listening to my dad talking to grandpa on the phone. As I was overhearing the conversation, I got so excited because I knew my grandparents were coming to visit us from Korea. The reason why I was on top of the world was because, besides my grandparents, my aunt, uncle, and cousins were coming too. That day, I was too busy sailing in my head. I believed that my grandparents were coming.

A few days later, I lost my hope. I was thrown into despair. I was sorrowful, mournful, and doleful. Bad new had come. My grandpa hurt his back so badly that he needed surgery. I was in my bed. I did not feel like talking to anyone. I was looking back at the time when I was in kindergarten. At that time, my parent’s house was close to my grandparents’. Once, my parents scolded me. I blamed God for being so unfair because I felt like I did not do anything wrong. I was mortified, so I decided to go over to my grandparents’ house. I was running, crying, and wiping my wet face. Tears were rolling down. When I got there, my grandparents did not say a word. They just gave me the biggest, warmest hug.

A week ago, my dad made an announcement: My grandpa was getting so much better, so my grandparents were coming for sure on February 23rd. I also heard that my grandpa was preparing by exercising and walking every day. I was extremely happy that I was jumping around and almost bumped into a chair. This was important for me. I haven’t seen them for one and a half years. I was pondering a question; what am I going to say?

I believe that my grandparents will come. When our family was in Korea, they used to visit us every week even though their house is one hour away from ours. Whenever they came, I used to ask them why they would come so often. They always gave me the same answer: They missed us so much. Maybe they did not hate us. When they had to leave, they would give us money and I would say thank you. By the time I was grown enough to understand this tradition, I knew those weren’t just dollar bills. It was the one of the ways they expressed their love for us.

I believe that my grandparents will come. I will be waiting at the airport. Looking at the clear blue sky, I will be estimating where my grandparents are. When I see them, I will say; I missed you to death. Then I will give them the biggest hug like they did when I was hurt. Without a second thought, I’ll tell them that I love them. I firmly believe that my grandparents will come.