This I Believe

Chris - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Rule Book for Life

One thing that has always bothered me is a person getting treated different merely because they did something their superior admired. I have always felt that getting something fairly leaves you with a more genuine feeling of success. I believe in standardization. I believe in structure. And most of all I believe in rules. I first discovered this love for rules when I was watching Transporter 2.There is a scene where the protagonist explains to one of his client’s children that they must follow a set of rules when entering a man’s car. This made me aware that by following a few rules, my life would be safer, I would appear more mature, and I would show respect to my elders.

Rules are implemented to keep order. Rules are used in schools, businesses and camps to insure that everyone will be treated equally and must behave the same way. Rules give me peace knowing that the guy sitting across from me must act the same as the guy sitting next to me and the guy sitting next to him. Rules are incorporated into games to keep cheaters away and add structure to the game. Rules are in video games I play online, and when someone alters the game so they can “bend” the rules it usually results in a ban or suspension of their account. Rules are used to keep people from driving the wrong way on a one-way street, or from driving while intoxicated. Rules of this nature are often referred to as “The Rules of the Road.”

Rules are implemented to keep people safe. Rules are very similar to laws because they give a country structure. Rules keep crime down because if a rule is broken, said offender is subject to fines or imprisonment. Rules keep the world from becoming anarchy by setting boundaries that limit chaos. Rules were clearly illustrated to me on television shows such as Cops where I saw what people could become when they though rules and laws did not apply to them. Rules regarding freedom and human dignity were ignored by the Nazis who thought they

were above the law and could commit mass murder without fear of punishment. Rules are in place to keep people from breaking and entering my home and stealing my possessions.

Rules are implemented throughout religion in forms such as The Ten Commandments and the Quŕan. Rules were present almost 4000 years ago in the Code of Hammurabi which stated crimes and the punishments for committing them. Rules are also used to show the followers of a religion the beliefs and ideas they should practice and the taboos that they should stay away from.

I have come to believe that if I follow rules and, if rules are used and enforced fairly, the world will be a safer and more peaceful place.