This I Believe

Jason - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Music Is Life

One day I’ll be relaxing to jazz, and another day I’ll be jamming out to rock. In general, I’ll be having a good time listening to what I enjoy. Music has so much to do in our lives and it tells us who we are. There are many different types of music around the world and each type has a piece of us in it. As a result, I believe that music is life.

Music is like medicine and it can make you feel better when you’re sick or calm you down when you’re stressed. When I was eleven, I remember going on a car trip from Houston to Colorado. At that age, I still experienced car sickness which meant I was always miserable driving to faraway places. While sitting dreadfully in the front passenger seat, I decided to turn on the radio and try to relax. The second the music hit my ears I was in a calm state and didn’t feel sick for the rest of the trip. I then realized that music was the medicine for all my sicknesses.

Music is what makes a party a party and gets you excited for everything you do. Music also makes yours or anyone’s life fun. Every time I sit in the locker room before a football game, I put on my earphones and listen to rap to start focusing for my game. Not only do I get pumped up and ready for my game, but I also get in a zone that makes me clear my mind and concentrate on what I should be doing out on the field. My favorite pregame music would be listening to rap because I can always be listening to it in my head while playing on the field and it would always motivate me to do the hardest tasks.

As I said earlier, listening to music can make anyone’s life fun. Just listening to the beat of the rap or the guitar rocking out can start a party going on inside your head. For example, techno music is mostly played in dance clubs. The beat of the music will put everyone on their feet and everyone will go crazy on the dance floor. If you’re in a place that’s absolutely boring, start thinking of techno music in your head and you will experience the party mentally.

Along with having fun and excitement, music represents your culture and who you are. I’m not saying if you listen to heavy metal that you are a mop-headed rocker. I’m saying that the music is a part you, but doesn’t outline who you have to be. On the other hand, if you listen to religious music, then it will represent who you are and your belief towards God.

Believe it or not, music can make you smarter as well. Studies show that classical music increases brain activity and creativity. Sources say binaural beats that are played in classical music or natural soothing sounds promote relaxation, meditation, and stress reduction. This means next time you are stumped on writing a long creative essay, relax and listen to soft music and your brain will develop its own ideas.

Music is the world to me and will help anyone through the toughest of times. I believe music will calm you down. I believe music will make you feel better. I believe music makes life fun. I believe music represents a piece of who you are. I believe music will make you focus, but most importantly, I believe music is life.