This I Believe

Bo - chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

My grandma is more than 1,000 miles away from me and her soul even farther but one memory I hold closest to my heart is the day of my kindergarten graduation. I worried so much because I didn’t know if my family was there or not. I looked everywhere, and the first face I saw was my grandmother’s. Next to my grandmother was my dad, my mom, and my brother but the only one I needed to know was there was my grandma. She was that one person I truly had a deep and personal relationship with. She made me so happy band truly experience love.

I never knew she was sick. My grandmother was diagnosed with uterine cancer when my dad was 12 years old. The doctor told my dad she would have 2 months left to live. My grandmother was mentally strong and she overcame her battle, the cancer stop spreading and she continued to live. When I was five my grander fell and broke her back, the cancer spread and she passed away when I was 6. She had cancer for 33 years. My grandmother was a brave and hopeful woman. She lived in the moment, she made everyday as if it was last because she had a constant reminder of it. She knew what would kill her but yet she made herself stronger from it everyday and moved on. She let herself grow and live in the present to the fullest. To this day I remember every single emotion I felt when I heard of my grandmother’s passing. And the great joy she brought in my life, and that one vivid memory of her always being there for me. With her experience I was able to grow and believe what I learned.

I believe this is now. I believe in being more than my yesterday, living in the moment. I believe in the future. I believe in putting the past and fear behind and moving forward to grow as person. With my grandmother’s courage and hope, I am able to believe this.