This I Believe

Anna - Irmo, South Carolina
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Fear Cannot Be Fate

I believe in Destiny. Destiny is what is suppose to happen, why things are created, a purpose behind a plan. We were all created for a reason, not just to take up space and air. For me, my destiny was in me all along and I just never wanted to accept it. My entire family is consumed by music; they are constantly playing, singing, and writing. Growing up my brother and sister both sang and played music, but I wanted to be different. As soon as I started school, I threw my efforts into academic achievements and found great identity in them. All along the way, I would perform in musicals and write little “poems” which turned out to be lyrics.

In sixth grade I signed up to take the band class that was offered at my middle school. I was an extremely horrible trumpet player, but I learned how to read and understand music instantly. It wasn’t until the seventh grade that I finally decided to enroll in a chorus class, a bit of a stretch for a shy, passive child, like myself. I had no idea that I really could sing and hit those difficult notes and that I, too, was a talented child in my family. I had to swallow my pride in order to find my deepest passion, hidden in my insecurities. After I joined chorus, I slowly came out of my shell, a shell that still finds me when I’m backstage getting ready to perform. Fear is sneaky like that; fear tries to come on you at the moments when you need strong knees the most, and that is when fate steps in to courageously shine through the your subconscious doubts.

For some people, they have to accept their faults, but I had to accept my predestined talent. It wasn’t accepting that I had failed because I was just like everyone else in my musical family but rather it was accepting the fact that I was unique because of my gifts. I learned that I was holding myself back, letting fear try to destroy the fate that had already been written on my life. I believe in destiny, because when everything else finds you perfectly normal, destiny will come along and reveal the light in you, so that you can finally illuminate the world, like you were created to.