This I Believe

Christina - Irmo, South Carolina
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


When the word strength is heard, the most common definition that would come to mind would be about physical strength, but what I believe is most important for anyone to survive in this world is their inner strength and what gets them through the hard times of life.

High School is probably the most complicated time that I have had to go through. Nobody wants anyone else to have something better than they have and absolutely no one wants to be considered a reject. If it wasn’t for my inner strength, I would have probably been pronounced crazy and put into an asylum. All throughout high school I have been presented with problems that I thought I would never have to face. It has become apparent that everyone else knows about what is going on in my life with the exception of me.

It seems like a single day can’t go by without someone having start a rumor about someone or trying to break up what others hold important. I have even found out that I had breast cancer, not from a doctor, but from a person I had never talked to in my life. My inner strength is what has allowed me to face my peers and stay an intact person who can at least fake her normalcy. I have learned that I cant let what others have to say about me be able to bring me down and stop me from living my life. My own personal strength can defy what all others have thrown at me.

Over this past summer, the people in my life decided to go against one another and all that was around me was constant lies and fake apologies. I felt completely lost and had no idea who was really there for me and which of my so called “friends” I could trust. It seemed as if that summer was just full of disappointments waiting for me to find them out, and in time, they were all presented and I was mortified. It was when I was down in my depression that I realized I didn’t deserve anything that I was receiving. I had to act and to be there for myself. If the people around me weren’t going to support me I had to do it. My personal strength was somehow strong enough for me to figure out what was right for me and how to pursue my life after it seemed like everything around me was falling apart.

Physical strength maybe be able to get you some distance in life, but I believe that inner strength will take you down the long hall. It is what is inside of us that can take on what is around us because no one can take that from us. I believe in the ability of my inner strength and with it I can conquer all obstacles of my life.