This I Believe

Jessica - houston, Texas
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

English 1, Pre-AP

Ms. Ciarella

February 5, 2008

A Simple Smile

I am a lucky girl. I was blessed with a loving family, an excellent education, the best friends a girl could ever hope for, and so many other amazing gifts that I am so thrilled to have. I show my thankfulness for all that I was given through a simple facial expression: a smile.

I believe in the absolute importance of a smile, lighting up your face and brightening every room. Anyone who knows me knows that I always have a smile on my face. Maybe it is my inability to be serious, but maybe it is my way of showing thanks to everyone and everything around me. A smile makes everything better and gives hope and encouragement to everyone who receives it.

A smile is a universally understood gesture. With thousands of languages it is amazing that a smile is understood and accepted by all. The varieties of smiles range from slightly upturned lips to a broad ear to ear grin. Each smile tells a different story but every smile has the power to move mountains. For instance a Cheshire smile is usually a mischievous smile, hinting at a wrong doing or mischief while a sly smile usually means a secret. No matter what smile is on your face, someone will always notice.

I believe in a simple smile. If you are wearing a smile people don’t notice that you are wearing last years jeans or that you ate a hot dog with ketchup for lunch and managed to spill it down the front of your white shirt. If someone doesn’t have a smile I give them mine because a smile is like karma; what goes around comes around.

I believe in the power of a simple smile. A smile is more contagious than the flu, so give one to a friend and watch it spread. One smile can brighten a room, but many smiles can brighten the world. This I believe, the power of a smile is the most powerful thing in the world!