This I Believe

Lauren - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in laughter. Laughter is the sound that can make someone’s face glow with happiness. Laughter can lighten the air in a room filled with stress and tension. Laughter is found all around the world and in every person. Laughter is the rope that ties us all together. Everyone looks different, but we can all laugh. Rain or shine, laughter will always be right there next to us.

I believe in laughter. No matter what situation I’m in, if laughter is released from me I feel like I’m in another world. The world stops and all of my problems disappear. Just for a moment, everything is perfect. Moments like these aren’t planned; they just show up at random unforgettable times.

I believe in laughter. Laughs are like fingerprints. They are all different and unique in their own way, but none of them are wrong. There are the snorts, the hyena laughs, the extremely loud ones, the people who laugh through their nose, and many more. This variety causes us to laugh at other people’s laughs. I say that’s ok, just as long as they’re laughing along with us. Laughter is contagious.

I believe in laughter. The more you laugh the longer you live. This should be our purpose to live to the fullest. Life is too short to be a party pooper or a complainer. We have to get out there, have an optimistic look on things, and laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Whether an hour, day, or year every second will count when you can delay your death just by a simple laugh.

I believe in laughter. It is a fact that as we age, we laugh less every day. A child is carefree and might laugh at everything. A grandparent is more likely to be less active than the child and doesn’t get out as often. The grandparent has a less exciting life and, therefore, doesn’t laugh as much. We can control this even if it’s through random bursts of laughter.

I believe in laughter. God wants us to enjoy our lives that he gave us. If God looks down upon us and sees everyone laughing and having a good time, we will make him proud. God gave everyone a purpose in life and we should fulfill it with a smile! He will forgive us for anything if we apologize. If we are depressed everyday or become lazy, God may wonder when the day will come that we appreciate what He gave us. He gave us the gift of laughter.