This I Believe

Chakera - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe I can fly. As cliché as it may sound to everyone, I truly believe that. I know that one day, I will be able to spread my wings and fly. I will soar freely way up high, amongst the clouds, with the occasional birds as my companion. I will have the true feeling of knowing no burdens: a time of pure bliss. I will fly because what I wish for from the bottom of my heart can only be reached through flying.

This was what I believed in since seventh grade, the time in which I learned that I could be free: that there was so much more for me to explore. There were many aspects of the world that I had yet to touch upon. There was much that I did not know, and now, I was willing to go after it so that I could enjoy what it had to offer. I did most of my growing at the time as I broke away from the timid person I used to be, and unveiled the real me for all to behold. I expressed myself through my writing, something that allowed me to feel free. When my first piece of writing was accepted and praised by my English teacher, I was so very happy and I grew more confident in myself. My writing helped me to crack that shell and let out the little chick, who was ready to fly.

I write, because it brings me happiness.

I had more privileges as a seventh grader, which obviously came with more responsibilities, but that did not matter. They would not hold me down. If need be, I’ll fly with those responsibilities and one by one, I will drop them as someday, I will conquer over those burdens. With the knowledge that I was growing up, I knew that I was sprouting the wings with which I would use to fly someday. I seek a greater freedom, a greater sense of knowing that there is nothing that could ever stop me.

This isn’t just for me. I believe that everyone has a time in which they’ll realize that they could do so much more, that if they were willing, they could fly as well.

Everyday, another feather grows, covering my old ones, but they are still existent. When I deem that I am ready and worthy of my desires, then I will shake my wings free from containment and fly. I will continue to climb higher and higher in search for that ultimate happiness and freedom that I have sought after since I was released from my shell.

I can fly. I will fly. This I believe.