This I Believe

Carter - houston, Texas
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Steroids Killing Baseball

I believe steroids are killing baseball. No sugarcoating it, and no going around it. Steroids are the key to the door which opens to the ultimate downfall of America’s pastime.

Kids play and love the great game of baseball. Every ballplayers dream is to one day reach the MLB, or Major League Baseball, and have their name up in lights. Batting 3.30, hitting 24 home runs, and having hundreds of RBIs is not everything. Steroids are ruining this image for kids hopes and dreams. Steroids are sending out a message to kids to bulk up, or “get jacked.” With steroids saying to these people that all baseball is about making it big and doing it anyway they can, it ruins the point of playing and enjoying baseball.

Steroids are unfortunately taking a toll on teens day by day. Kids are committing suicide to have an edge in a sport which is considered to be enjoyable. Many people do not take the necessary action to tell their son not to take steroids. If not done right, regrettable mistakes can be made causing inevitable distress.

Ball players around the world feel the pressure out on the field to succeed. Coming from peers, coaches, and parents getting better seems to be the only way to be stress-free. Thinking to get better steroids seem to be the only way out. No, steroids will only make it worse getting to people’s mind and tearing you apart. Look out for your body, your mind, the game, and your life by staying steroid free. Having fun is the key and without steroids, all can be achieved. Getting better through steroids won’t make you a leader, standing up for yourself and staying clean is being the true leader. I believe steroids is killing baseball, but the door can be shut and the problem resolved.