This I Believe

Langley - Irmo, South Carolina
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Don’t Sweat It

It seems that these days everyone is stressing. They are stressing about every little thing that comes in their way, no matter how important it is. Maybe I just notice now because I am getting older and with age comes responsibility and with that comes stress. I would like to think not. Stress is unhealthy and it not very enjoyable. I worry about what I think is important, but not menial, unnecessary things. School is a big place for stress and worrying, but it really should not be. Students freak out and get frustrated when they don’t make a good grade on a test because it could bring down their GPA, and if that happens, they will not get into a good school and become successful. Which we all know is not true. One test or quiz will not hurt your chances of anything really, unless you fail for the year (which is the only grade that really matters). Adults also stress and worry about their next move. You do gain more responsibility as an adult, but sometimes people just go crazy if one little thing in their life is not the way they would like it to be.

I believe in taking life as it comes and to accept the challenges we are given with open minds. We are humans and we can not predict the future, no matter how far we plan ahead. People should enjoy life and not want it to rush by. If you plan out your future and you spend your life worrying about it, there is no time to enjoy the life you have created for yourself. There will be challenges to face throughout life, but you learn to accept them as they come. If you dwell on the past, you can not live in the present and it will have been precious time wasted.

In ten years, how many people are really going to be thinking about the math test they failed in the 11th grade? There is no need to stress and worry about every little thing. We should enjoy life and accept it as the one especially given to you because you never want to feel like you have missed out on something. We should not take life for granted. We should take it as a gift.