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Charles - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Chuck M

Mr. Collins

AP English

24 January 2008

The Hard Working Addiction

I believe in working hard at school and the benefits from working hard at an early age.

In a week I will be receiving my first semester report card. The report card will contain high grades in all classes resulting in an extremely high grade point average. To achieve those grades I had to work as hard as I have ever worked in my life. I took an extremely hard workload this year in school. A lot of effort was made to obtain high grades in these classes. I didn’t learn how to work hard by myself. In fact I learned from my family, who is extremely close to me. Everybody in my family is extremely hardworking but none more so than my father, whom I look up to the most. My father is dyslexic. When he was young it caused him many problems. Reading was a challenge for him and mixing numbers up in math was a big problem. However, this did not deter my father from achieving his goals. He worked extremely hard to fight his dyslexia. He had to train his mind not to mix numbers and letters up in his head. This made doing homework extremely hard and long, but Dad continued to work hard and do his homework. The hard work paid off for Dad because graduated from The Citadel with an degree in engineering, despite his challenge with dyslexia.

So many times I see kids not trying saying that school right now doesn’t matter. The truth is that school is extremely important right now. What I do today sets up the rest of my life. My dad has always preached this. I see today how working hard in grade school has paid off for him and I am trying to build those good habits while in high school. Before this year, I believed that working harder would not produce better results. I was wrong. I have worked extremely hard and my grades have improved. I have found a new habit, and I now spend a lot of time working on school work. This new habit has brought about a change in all aspects of my life, most notably in my golf game. I have carried over the habit from schoolwork to golf and now I am getting the results I want on the links. A lot of people come up to me and ask me “Chuck, why do you care so much and work so hard?” The reason is because I know that working hard in school right now will set me up for the future. When I go to college and medical school I will be successful because I will have already developed the discipline to work hard at whatever I do. Hard work will get me a good job that will obviously affect the rest of my life.

In the future, I plan to be successful in college, medical school, golf, and adult life. To be successful at these things, I will have to continue the hard working habit that I have obtained at a young age. I will be prepared to work hard and I attribute this to my father who, through his actions and words has taught me the value of hard work.