This I Believe

Emily - USA
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in my blue jeans.

I believe that my blue jeans are like good friends, always in style. Jeans were invented around 1853 when Levi Strauss created them for men hoping to find gold in California. They were meant to replace pants that couldn’t last in the mines and ruined easily. But today, blue jeans are now not used for mining but for fashion. Everybody knows in fashion some things are in and the next day they are out. But I believe good friends will never go out of style because they never seem to get old. A good friend can make you laugh for hours, even though they might be telling you the same joke they told you last night. They have this ability to say the right things to make you feel better when everything has gone wrong. A good friend knows exactly what you are feeling and what you are going through, and something like that never goes out of style.

I believe my blue jeans are like good friends, always there for you. People usually tend to gravitate towards people who they share a common interest with, people they can enjoy themselves with, and just be themselves. A good pair of jeans should fit you well, just like friends. Your group of friends should give you confidence to be yourself just like a good pair of jeans may make you look and feel your best. I think that too many people spend their lives trying to be something they are not and in the long run never find the friends they need to be there for them. Just in high school, I have seen many friends get hurt because they had been lied to or stabbed in the back by a “friend”. I think too many people think it’s just a popularity race and whoever gets the most friends wins. But many people don’t stop and think if those “friends” are their real friends. A good pair of jeans should always fit you well just like good friends should always be there for you.

I believe my blue jeans are like good friends, they always support you. When going to your closet, most people have set in mind what they want to wear. On some days you may just want to grab that BCBG Max Azria halter dress with the pleated skirt and go out and have fun. Other days you just want to be comfortable and that’s when you grab your blue jeans. No matter what you wear, your blue jeans will always be in your closet ready for you to the wear them. This is just like good friends, no matter what new interest you want to try; good friends will always be there for you whether you succeed for fail.