This I Believe

Sadie - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Snap Cup

I believe in bright, happy, snap cups filled with joy. The cups bring that little ray of sunshine into your daily life.

The first time I ever watched Legally Blonde 2, I as informed that the snap cup’s purpose was to contain uplifting thoughts and comments about peers. The main purpose is to uplift people when they are down, if they are feeling blue, or to put joy into someone’s day.

When entering high school, my classmates made it clear that everything was going to change. New life and image followed. Loosing and making new friends became an emotional rollercoaster. My best friend, Lizzy, and I have been friends since Pre- K. When she moved into a bigger town house, unfortunately, she moved out of the school zone for Memorial High School. Even though we went to the same middle school, the next year she would be at Stratford. Changes like this one where not intended. When life throws challenges your way and you feel down, bring out the snap cup. Weeks later, after entering high school, inviting seniors came up with the idea of using a snap cup to welcome in freshman. Just as Elle Woods had used the snap cup to bring together her co-workers while going through trials and tribulations, the friendly seniors tried to join together freshman in hopes of creating bonds no one can ever break. This snap cup brought friendship, memories, and a life time supply of joy.

Realizing the power that the snap cup contains, I realized that seeing was not just believing. It was feeling. This feeling is waiting to be unleashed from inside others. As Will Smith once mentioned in his film, Hitch, 60% of your communication is non verbal, 30% is your tone, and that means 90% of your communication is non verbal. The snap cup is there to fill in that extra 10% of your communication. The percent that others can help contribute to can come from something as simple but helpful as the snap cup.

God created people equally and through equality can come happiness. And happiness can come from the snap cup. With that in mind I began a project, using the snap cup, to find a little something extra to put into people’s lives. I decided that peers need to give other people their own personalized snap cup.

Throughout life, people go through trials and hardships. When people feel upset, they may resort to unwanted behavior, as a source of relief. With the help of a good friend, co-worker, or peer, people can draw away from undesired behavior and use the snap cup in their lives to prevent bad consequences.

In life, I want everyone to be happy. I want everyone to have their own personal ray of sunshine. The snap cup, I believe, is a cure to unhappiness and dread. I want to change decisions, feelings, and the behavior of unhappy souls. I want to become a positive influence- just like a snap cup.