This I Believe

whitney - Lexington, Oklahoma
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

As a Christian living in a nation of bandwagon believers and atheists alike, I find that one thing sets true followers apart from others: love. True love for a God, Messiah, or higher being of any choice leaves faithful followers segregated from partial or non-believers.

Those who lack spiritual leadership often find themselves lost or missing something in their lives. Others simply explain to the world that they find no reason to believe in the abstract and choose only to see concrete and worldly reasoning.

Partial or young believers, those who are often lacking but are aware that there are missing pieces in their lives, are harder to spot. They can often fool those who are watching with only slight interest and attention.

It is much like watching a couple on a date. If you are sitting at a restaurant watching couples have dinner you will notice the difference. The couple on the bad blind date is sitting far away from one another. They are not saying more then necessary and quickly finish their meals and leave. The lack of love is the easiest to find.

Others find themselves looking at one another almost too often, feeding one another, and touching as much as possible. These couples are in puppy love. They have found someone who may be compatible, but are not fully embraced in the true meaning and acceptance of love.

For me, love is the key to happiness and the light to following my own heart during dark tunnels. Loving God, my family, others and myself brings joy to me and steers my often-distracted heart back on path.

I believe that the good of people and serving of others are the best ways to show and explain love. In a world of harsh realities and “modern morals” I find that the more I help others, the easier it is to face the daily negativity the world forces on us.

After starting at a new church I was feeling lonely and confused. The music, the building, and the preacher were all different from what I was use to. As I began to adapt and meet the people of the church I felt that this was a place where I could grow if only I could make an impact and find my place within this new community.

After talking to the youth minister one day I realized that there was so much love within the congregation but little of that was being shared among the community. I began to coordinate activities that allowed the church to come together and serve the community.

Now, after beginning the new volunteer program I realized that the reason the church was confusing to me at first, was that I was looking for signs of love. The signs were always there, but I mistook them for less sincere puppy love, when I was missing less obvious signs of true love.