This I Believe

Kevin - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Airline Food

I believe in the simplicity of airline food. I believe it is a metaphor for life in that we need to simplify our lives to accent the important aspects of life. Airlines are experts at minimizing things such as the food that they serve their customers. Food is one of the effortless items that could potentially make every day operations stressful for them. By simplifying the food, focus is placed on cabin service and flight quality. Simplicity is the key to life that allows us to stick to basics, which is the way to live a less stressful life.

If we could drop those things that are not totally necessary to happiness in our lives, we could focus our energies toward what is most important. Many people criticize the airlines, because they aren’t perfect, but their way of streamlining their operation often times makes things run smoother for us. It is found that thirty-three percent of Americans frequently experience stress in their lives and forty-five percent of Americans sometimes experience stress. What if we could get rid of stress producing things in our life and return to the basics?

I have found that when my mom has grounded me from privileges and distractions such as television and my cell phone, I tend to be more productive with my time and generally happier. Even though I do not necessarily appreciate it when privileges are revoked, the activities in my life are simplified and I focus on things that should have been the focus of my attentions in the first place. It gives me an opportunity to make room for those important things, like relationships between family and friends. With extra time away from some of life’s stressors, I pondered as to what if everyone had time to enjoy their surroundings and just live.

I admit that airline food is neither delicious nor particularly filling, but it is simple and sustaining. I see a full course dinner similar to a plate full of stress. When you are finished eating, you are completely stuffed without any room for dessert. The desserts are the enjoyable things in life that many people are not able to take pleasure in because they are overwhelmed with so many additional things.

So next time you eat airline food, you might be able to remember this lesson. It may just be a bag of peanuts or a bag of cookies, but just think about all of the room you still have for things that bring joy to the people around you and yourself.