This I Believe

Sam - Ballwin, Missouri
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I strongly believe that abortion should be made against the law. If you really think about it, committing abortion is equal to committing murder. The Catholic Church is against it also. If a woman brings a baby into this world, it should not be her right to take it out of this world.

There are many other options other than abortion. If the family cannot afford to take up a child, they could put it up for adoption. I think that would be much better than killing the baby. Or maybe a more responsible relative could take care of the baby. Another option is to put the child in a group or foster home. Any one of these choices would be better than abortion.

If a woman decides to commit abortion, she could kill a child that could grow up to be a very important person. The child would never get the chance to grow up and experience like. I think our world leaders should strongly think about abortion and why it is legal. If murder is against the law, then abortion should be also.