This I Believe

Angel - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

One day, my father told me that the world was only going to get worse. He said that no one is going to get along anymore and that life as we know it would change. No one would be themselves but instead will become each other. He never really explained why he said that to me that day, but I am pretty sure that I knew what he meant.

As a young boy, my father was exposed to many problems in his homeland, Guatemala. His father was an alcoholic and was never home. It was pretty much a risk to be alive in Guatemala City, because of all the dangers in that environment including drug dealing, the mob, and the risk of thieves. Coming to the USA when he was 13, it was no better. He would be harassed by gangs and was always threatened by them, but he didn’t conform to them.

As I’ve grown to know what life is, I have noticed that we are pretty much stuck. We are stuck in wars, the arms race, in the use of technology, and trapped in our social perspectives about others. I, like some other people, may feel unsure on how to deal with many situations. As the world keeps spinning, people begin to conform to what the media has to say. With this wave of gangs and violence occurring in our neighborhoods, for some people, there is a need to conform in order to fit in.

I believe that conformity to the life we have today will eventually lead up to social problems in the future. Pretty soon, most people will conform to conform. It will be a new fashion for the world, as a whole, to wear. I believe this world will turn against the non-conformists, the people who want to change something in their lives. This social issue can occur in the near future if people do not act to change.

Life is a soup of different flavors of people and cultures. When everyone conforms, the soup of life becomes bland, and no one will be satisfied by it. Then a wave of conformity will occur again and again. The world will just be painted over and over like a canvas, a canvas of social structure on which the world lives upon. On which the people can’t get away from unless they shred it, and reconstruct new canvases for themselves.

Life can get worse if people conform to the wrong aspects of life, and forget about their own lives. My father did not conform to the problems of gangs in his school, and I plan not to as well. People should improve themselves, and by doing that, they will improve the world. The soup of life wouldn’t taste boring anymore, but it would have different spices of people and cultures. Then and only then will the world start to get better. Non conformity is the secret ingredient to life and we all should practice it.