This I Believe

Christian - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on February 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Prying Eyes of Friendship

The position of close friends in the giant entanglement that we call life is very high standing to me and it can be the same with others. The role of my friends is to give a pleasant amount of support, love, and advice that I cannot get from anyone else. They tell me what I need to hear without speaking down to me or sugar- coating the situation to make it seem like less of a problem than it is. I believe that friends, with exception of spouses, are the best form of comfort and warmth that a person could possibly have.

The biggest factors in any friendship are trust and reliability and sometimes those could be major breaking points. The greatest lesson that I have learned is that a small group of the most loyal and honest friends is better than a thousand or more. Though it may seem cliché, to me it is fact. Since I am a teenager, my friends are my life; it may seem that I am a bit biased because of this, but I truly believe so. Sometimes they seem to realize things before I do and warn me on what is going on. Hindsight is twenty- twenty, but forewarning is a blessing.

When I need advice, I go to my friends first for their opinion. Like many others, my relatives try to implement what they would do if they were me. However, I do not care what they would do about it, I want to know what I should do about it, and my friends help me realize just that by focusing on my past behaviors.

I believe in trust, honesty, and loyalty when it comes to friendship. Though friendships sometimes come and go, those chosen few that have your back from the beginning, will always be there watching out for you.

“You do not know when you need someone in your life until it’s proven that they need you in theirs.” – unknown