This I Believe

Tanner - Altoona, Iowa
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Tanner F

Ms. Pins

Comp. II

25 January 2008

Quizno’s not Subway

Subway or Quizno’s? I had to make this decision just the other night, on an empty stomach and ten dollars to my name. Subway would be much cheaper, but Quizno’s is much more delectable. I paid the nine dollars and five cents for the tastier of the two. Being faced with these kinds of decisions everyday, I have made a choice. I believe in quality not quantity.

Being brought up by my father, who believes in exactly the opposite, I was raised up believing in quantity. That was until one day I went to the store, and saw coupons for cereal in the little coupon dispensers. The coupons were for store brand cereals only. I walked up and down the isles in search of the generic cereal. I was originally going to get Cocoa Puffs so I got CoCo Roos instead. This not only sounded extremely appealing at the time, but the bag was considerably larger (it even said 30% more). I picked it up and inspected it, thinking to myself, “This is a pretty good deal, I not only get more cereal, but it’s cheaper too,” so I bought it.

I walked out of the store feeling pretty confident about what I had bought, and rushed home to eat a big bowl of the chocolaty heaven. I thought about it the whole way there, and pulled into the driveway with a sense of anxiousness surrounding me. I walked into the kitchen, where I immediately ran for the cupboard full of dishes, and grabbed the biggest bowl in my reach. I filled it up to the edge with the CoCo Roos, then put in all the ice cold milk the cereal-filled bowl could hold.

When I dipped my spoon into the bowl, milk flowed over the edge of the bowl and onto the table. I put the spoon to my mouth. What I tasted was definitely nothing like the Cocoa Puffs I had tasted in the past. The cereal had a cardboard taste, which stuck in my teeth and on the roof of my mouth, and the chocolate flavor, if there was any, wore out quicly. I could tell by the way it settled on my teeth and left a grotesque film behind, that the food was processed with cheap artificial sweeteners. I immediately spit out the cereal, and uttered in disappointment. I had expected a tasty treat to make my afternoon, and ended up getting a very poor product.

I learned a lot that day. Ever since I tasted that foul taste of wrong decision, I went against my roots, and chose quality.