This I Believe

Kay - Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

This I believe, that happiness is a choice; every person has the ability inside of him to be happy. When all things seem to be going wrong, when nothing is how it is planned, and when all hope is lost, happiness is always still in a person’s heart. Material goods are never as rewarding as they were anticipated, what is possessed in things, while can distract from life’s formalities, never replaces what is personally held dear on the inside.

Life is not preplanned; what is the liberation in that? The choices that are made and the experiences that are had are unique and original, new and exciting, and completely personal. Everyday is a new start to a thrilling and rewarding life, and yesterday is a memory of what is already done. Whether those memories are positive or negative is based solely on the choices made previously. The choice of happiness has the ability to reward almost instantly.

It may seem that something new, different, and exciting will be all it takes to improve a dry, dull, monotonous life, but after awhile, when the thrill is gone, work must, again, replace the fun, and things seem as tedious as ever. It is at that time that the happiness and excitement of life must continue to grow, not fade away. Continuing the fearless and wide-eyed wanderings of youth sustain the ever feared reality of growing older. But what is really the problem with growing older? While skin becomes loose and flabby, the mind remains aware and continues to learn. Excitement and passion runs as deeply as ever in the memories of the past. Remembering the past and enlightening the future, happiness is forever shared while revisiting previous revelations.

But, while happiness appears to bubble out of some, it does less than fizzle in others. Happiness cannot be given; it must come from the heart. Just like any of life’s accomplishments, happiness takes practice and dedication. People have to choose within them to be happy. It is a personal choice, a choice that must be made on the inside before any will see it on the outside. Bad days come, weeks drag on, and time seems stuck in a rut, but all can begin to flow again as happiness is chosen to replace previously felt anxiety.

Oddly enough, however, the happiest people are never the ones with all they want. The happiest people are never the ones with perfect relationships, families, or friends. But through it all, people who seem genuinely happy are the ones who decide to push all the wrongs and imperfections behind them and always shine through. Smiling and laughing about life’s imperfections is the best way to ease any hardships. While smiling is the easiest way to express one’s happiness, it does not always mean happiness; sometimes it is just easier to smile than to frown and explain what is wrong. Some people appear to hold nothing of real considerable value to their name and can still wake up with a grin and make the day worth living. The choice has been made to love and live and be happy. It is not always as easy as it seems it should be, but in every situation the choice will prove to be rewarding.

This I believe, life is an amazing spectacle to be seen through open eyes, with every choice made for making life happy.