This I Believe

Kasey - Irmo, South Carolina
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks


Life is a very peculiar thing. Part of life’s grandness comes form its unpredictable nature. In life one will come across numerous obstacles. One will be faced with curveballs time and again and that is exactly what happened to my parents. I was just two years old, when my parents were told by my doctors that I needed to have heart surgery.

While going in for usually checkups, doctors kept saying they heard a slight murmur while listening to my heart. After further inspection, a hole was located above a valve. My parents were faced with the mind-rattling decision of proceeding with the surgery or letting it be. Without the surgery, I would face several difficulties in the years to come. By the time I would be about thirty years old, I would probably be in a wheelchair. Sports would be out of the question. I wouldn’t be able to run for an extended period of time. I would find myself out of breath after walking for a while. If my parents decided to go through with the surgery, it was better to have it done as soon as possible in to order to avoid problems in the future. After careful thinking, my parents finally decided to let me have the surgery.

The day of my surgery, tension filled the air. Fear of what may happen overwhelmed my parents; fortunately my grandparents were there to comfort them. Time passed painstakingly slow for my parents. Finally the doctors came out to say the surgery was a success, and that I was fine. My parents gave a sigh of relief and were instantly filled with joy.

Years have passed everything seems to be running smoothly. Annual checkups are made and every time I hear the same thing, everything is in good health. My parents will never know how grateful I am that they made that tough decision to let me have the surgery. By having the heart surgery, it was almost like I was given a second chance. I am able to go out and play the sport I love. I am able to go run around with my friends and not end up gasping for breath. In life one will be faced with the unexpected and for this I believe in the curveballs in life. What one does with these curveballs is what makes all the difference.