Miracles Don’t Grow on Trees

Amanda - Harwood Heights, Illinois
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the one miracle rule; you only get one in your life. Miracles aren’t passed out like coupons in advertisements and they don’t grow on trees.

I learned the one miracle rule from my grandpa. Growing up he was my role model; he taught me a lot of important things. But when I was ten, he was diagnosed with larynx cancer. As a result, he had his voice box taken out. For the first year, I rarely saw him because I didn’t know what to do, say, or how to look at him. He had a sunken face, couldn’t talk, and was withering away. He went through chemotherapy and radiation every week. After the first year went by, I realized I didn’t know our last day would be. I was afraid I was going to break him but losing the bond we had was hurting me more. I grew up with him being there for me every day but now I turned my back on him when he needed me the most. I spent every day for the next two years with him. I was at every chemo session, radiation treatment, feeding time, and hourly water injection both in the hospital and at home. After battling the cancer for three years, he went into remission. He got his miracle and was healthy again. Unfortunately, two years later the cancer had returned. He realized he already had his miracle, so he said ‘no’ to all treatments. The cancer got the best of him a year later and he passed away.

My grandpa saved that miracle for a reason. He wanted to enjoy life as it came. “Save your miracle,” he told me once, “for you never know when you actually might need it later on in life.” I hold that piece of advice with every inch of my heart because of its impact.

The value of a miracle is similar to the category of “firsts”. In this category, you see your first kiss, Christmas, crush, and day of school. Your miracle will hold the same importance as those “firsts”. The beautiful thing about a miracle is that even though it is something we want, we don’t realize it has come true until it’s over.

The term ‘miracle’ is thrown around by many people. My own parents say they had three miracles; however, I believe it is a unique wish granted for you only once and is realized once it is already over. If everyone got a million miracles, we wouldn’t be who we are. Every week I hear someone say, ‘It’s a miracle that I passed the test’. Don’t they know the one miracle rule? If they did, they wouldn’t be wasting it on passing a test.

The one miracle rule applies to everyone in the world. One good thing comes from this: we are all the same when it comes to miracles. Your miracle may be different than mine but in the end we both only get one.