This I Believe

Becky - Irmo, South Carolina
Entered on February 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

The Missing Link

I believe in a relationship with your father.

The divorce of my parents about a year ago was hard for me to deal with. I was told “ just do not get along” and “we do not see eye to eye.” But the thing that hurt me the most was the split relationship between my father and me. I am the first born and his “little girl”. We were like two peas in a pod. We were never apart; you would rarely see him without me. After the divorce there were no more midnight conversations or long talks over a cup of coffee. The father daughter dances were a thing of the past. My schedule became more hectic and the time we spent together became scarce. It came to the point that I did not see my father but every other week. Every week we did not see each other it put a damper to our relationship and our relationship started to unravel.

I was driving one day reminiscing about time before the divorce and I happened to spot a father with his daughter. They were in a park and he was pushing her on the swing. They were both smiling and laughing at one another. I watched them and began to envy that pair. I wanted to be them. I wanted what they had. I wanted to laugh with my father and I wanted to be pushed on the swing. After thinking about this I started to wonder why I envied them so much. I envied them because I had everything I wanted except or a relationship with my father. We had become split peas. I missed being called his “little girl” and the father daughter dances and the conversations over coffee. I realized that a relationship with your father is not only a relationship with your parent, but your father becomes your best friend.

I believe that you should always keep a relationship with your father. He will always be there through the thick and the thin. He will always be by your side. Whether he calls you his “little girl” or something out of the ordinary, there will never be a stronger bond than that of a father and his daughter.